QuickUI makes it easy to create new user interface components, called “controls”, which can be easily reused and shared. The core part of QuickUI is a framework that builds on top of the popular jQuery library. All aspects of jQuery, as well as a range of facilities designed specifically for creating and using controls, are available to controls built with QuickUI.

Control users and authors can create controls using just the QuickUI framework using traditional web development tools that edit JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. For additional efficiency, developers can choose to use the optional QuickUI markup language, designed specifically to permit highly legible and maintainable control source code.


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QuickUI's core principles enable reusable, extensible control classes.
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The jQuery plugin for creating or accessing a QuickUI control from a plain jQuery instance.
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Methods available on Control, the base class for all QuickUI control.
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Methods available on all control instances.
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Events generated by the Control class or otherwise commonly used in controls.
An overview of how QuickUI controls render themselves by filling in base class properties.
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The JSON format used to define new control classes.
Using and creating QuickUI controls i